Key Points to Remember

  • You can left click and drag to rotate the view. Use mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
  • By default the shape is rendered with normal mapping to fake small details on the surface and displacement (bump) mapping to actually transform the geometry.
  • You can enable/disable displacement mapping by pressing "B" key. Other keyboard shortcuts are listed below.
  • If you don't see any texture or corrupted texture, please clear cache and refresh the page by pressing <Ctrl + Shift + R> or select any loaded image from the image list.

Keyboard Shortcuts

B   - Toggle bump
Z/X - Bump amount
L   - Toggle light
T - Cycle texture
R - Reset view
H - Show/hide help
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Color 1 :
Color 2 :
Subdivision 2
Texture Mapping :
Spherical Planar
Tested in Chrome and Firefox
Although small screen devices and touchscreens are supported, for best experience use large screen devices with mouse.