If you are a fan of Clash of Clans and you have a town hall level 7 or higher, you might often run into the dilemma of which troop you should upgrade first. Although troop upgrade priority depends a lot on whether you are a farmer or a warmonger, whether you use BARCH or Giant-Healer for farming etc - but from a statistical point of view there is always a deterministic order of efficiency. And that order matters a lot when you are in town hall 8 and above as most troop upgrades cost a fortune and ages. So you might want to choose the most effective upgrade over others.

I stumbled upon an article by Randal Olson where he has graphically shown which troops are most cost efficient and which are most space efficient. I got inspired by that article and started to develop a calculator that’ll spit out the most efficient troop upgrade order once you select the levels of your troops. Both for elixir as well as dark elixir troops. By the way, if you like statistical data analysis check out Randal’s blog for some interesting articles like predicting age of a person just by knowing his/her name.

Tool Usage

Head over to this page and select the levels of your troops and click the “Show” button. Then you will see a suggested order of troop upgrades in decreasing order of priority. Also it will show you which is the most efficient upgrade in terms of space, cost, damage per second increase etc.

Let me remind you, I said SUGGESTED order of troop upgrade. Here are the caveats:

  1. The order is purely statistical and might not be the practical option in most cases. For example, it’ll prioritise Wallbreakers most of the time over other troops because they have a relatively high DPS ignoring the fact that their health is abysmally low.
  2. Right now the calculator does not take care about your town hall level. So although you are in TH8, it might suggest you to upgrade Barbarian to level 6. You should ignore that.
  3. Also it does not compare elixir troops with dark elixir troops. You should prioritise that by yourself deending upon your usage and resource availability.